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What we offer

The Schelwood Trust believes that great education has the power to create real opportunities that can transform lives. Our staff, students, Governors, Trustees and Members share this commitment as an overarching guide for all we want to achieve at The Trust.

Our Schools are Characterised by being:

  • always ambitious for our students Setting high standards of leadership, taking shared responsibility and accountability for their performance.  Creating the rigour to deliver a continuous cycle of school improvement;
  • always seeking personal improvement – We actively support our young people to strive for excellence and overcome any disadvantage. Ensuring that every student has the equality of opportunity to maximise their potential;
  • always inclusive – We love our diverse community, and we celebrate difference as a source of strength;
  • always respectful for self and others, for learning achievement and opportunity, for hard work and determination and for our community and environment in which we live, work and learn.

Our Schools work collaboratively, openly and honestly to:

  • ensure that all students have access to a challenging curriculum and educational provision that supports outstanding learning, development and achievement;
  • support the development and training of outstanding teachers and practitioners, giving them the opportunity to excel and share best practice;
  • develop young people who leave us as confident, resilient, compassionate and democratic. Fit to face the challenges the world will ask of them.

We know it’s not easy, every day is a new challenge. We won’t always exceed the high bar we set ourselves. But without challenge we will not create the opportunities our students have a right to expect.