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Working for us

We believe as professionals that we have the power to be positively transformational and we are determined to be so.  This can only happen if colleagues feel valued and have an exciting, dynamic and well-resourced learning environment in which to work.    Our staff feel valued in the knowledge that the Trust holds a vested interest in the ability and talent of its employees and will support them, through continued professional development (CPD), to gain the relevant skills and experience required.  We succession plan with a focus on the professional development of our colleagues providing career advancement and promotion opportunities.    We grow our own leaders and ensure outstanding professionals are rewarded and are assured of career enhancing opportunities and career progression.   We hold a Category A sponsorship licence and support those colleagues joining us from overseas.   Working with the Slough Teaching School Alliance full support is offered to Early Career Stage Teachers (ECTs) who we welcome into our school communities.  A mentoring programme is in place to support our ECTs in securing their successful induction period.

Our school communities are diverse academically, socially, culturally, indeed in every dimension and we celebrate this.  We support our students to strive for excellence and overcome disadvantage.  We see this as what makes our schools special and such enriching, rewarding environments in which to work.  We have a strong track record of securing success and have robust and effective plans in place to ensure that we secure progress for our students every day, every week and every term.  It truly is an exciting Trust to work for and where colleagues are fully supported.

Our staff are the heart of our Trust and our ethos is one of support and encouragement.  Our staff feel valued in the knowledge that the Trust holds a vested interest in the ability and talent of its employees and supports them.  We build high performing teams providing a comprehensive CPD programme which nurtures and develops professional competence to gain the relevant skills and experience required and the development of leadership capability.  We create bespoke pathways for our colleagues collaborating with them on planning their development.  Our partner schools collaborate together and with other Slough Association of Secondary Headteachers’ (SASH) schools source training and development opportunities for all.  Furthermore, and as appropriate, we will ‘buy in’ expertise and fund staff attendance at externally facilitated training.  We support our staff fully giving them the opportunity to excel and share best practice and for them to become highly skilled professionals whilst ensuring their well-being.  Successful applicants will be able to draw on this support and networking opportunities to develop their own careers and contribute towards the fulfilling education for our young people across the Trust.

We are aspirational and our intention is to be the Trust employer of choice.  We use the power of education to create real opportunities that transform the lives of our young people.  If you are a colleague who thrives in such a context then we really want to hear from you and would welcome your contact and application to join us.  Nothing beats visiting a school, meeting the young people, staff and the Headteacher and as a consequence you are most welcome to visit our schools.  We look forward to hearing from you.