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Career development

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

This route is available to those who are already qualified to Degree level.  You will gain teaching experience and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  During this course you will experience teaching in both of our Trust schools and will cover a wide range of teaching skills, techniques and knowledge of curriculums through both practice experience and in study.  This is good preparation for gaining a teaching post and further developing your skills and knowledge in the profession.  You will be supported by experienced colleagues both in our schools and at university

At The Schelwood Trust we currently work with a number of Universities providing school experience for trainees, including UCL Institute of Education, University of Reading, Brunel University, St Mary’s University and Roehampton University.

Further information on training is available at: or any of the above universities.

School Direct Teacher Training

This method of training involves being recruited by a school who has a specific role for you.  It is designed and run by a group of schools in conjunction with a university or school centred initial teacher training provider (SCITT).  This leads to QTS and must also award a PGCE or master’s credits.    School Direct is available for those who are recent graduates and for those wishing to enter the profession following employment.  This route usually takes a year.  You will teach in two schools with strong support to enable you to teach classes and learn at the same time.  There will be a programme of training for pedagogy and practice to support your practical work in the classroom.

If you have been working for three or more years then School Direct (Salaried) is an option. 

We work with TeachSLOUGH School Direct teacher training programme – Upton Court Grammar School.  To find out more about TeachSLOUGH, please visit

Assessment Only (AO)

To gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through this route you must have taught for two years in two different schools full time.  In order to pursue this, you must be employed in and supported by a school, be teaching two Key Stages and have minimum qualifications of a degree and a Grade C or equivalent in Maths and English.  You will be supported by the appropriate colleagues in your school; have a programme of training in practice and pedagogy and be assessed by a training provider.  At The Schelwood Trust this is The University of Reading.