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BioArtAttack Competition Yr7

By Ana Aslam, 7S

The BioArtAttack is a competition run by the Royal Society of Biology. It is a competition that many schools take part in. Every year, the Royal Society of Biology launch the competition, with different themes each year.

I was extremely elated to take part in this competition. I wrote down a list of ideas to make as my project. Finally I decided to make the Digestive System using polystyrene. Then I thought that it would be interesting as well as unique if it……LIT UP!

As I made all the parts of the Digestive System I also learnt a lot about the parts and what their functions are. I did research regarding the LED circuits and finally… hurray! It worked well. I’m glad that it turned out to be a very attractive model.

All the entries were amazing and each entry were unique. After Miss Wood sent all the entries to the competition; she said that we were going to do a school vote. I was so excited to see who the winner was going to be. Luckily she said that my project won the school voting! Thank you so much for all the students and teachers for voting for my project!

It was very clear to see that everyone had put a lot of effort into their projects and it contained a great variety of projects involving papier mâché, needlework, polystyrene modelling, painting, string art and my light-up digestive system!

Congratulations to all those who participated and special congratulations to Sanjana for getting runner up in the Herschel vote!