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Online Safety Videos for Parents and Carers

The safety and wellbeing of every child is of the utmost importance to us at Herschel and online safety is an integral part of this.

Teaching the children how to stay safe online is an important part of the curriculum and we will continue to work hard with the pupils to help to teach them how to stay safe online.

We also understand that parents and carers play a vital role in helping children to stay safe online, but that this can be quite a daunting and overwhelming task as the rapid development of technology often leaves parents and carers trying to play catch up in order to understand the various new apps, messaging platforms and the possible risks associated with them.

In a bid to help with this, the school have purchased access to 7 videos designed specifically for parents and carers relating to online safety.

You will have access to the videos for the next 12 months and I will be sending out one new video with the accompanying message from the creator of these videos each week.

Please see below for further details about the first video. The accompanying information has been produced by Alan Mackenzie, who is an expert in this field.

We ask that you do not share the video links and please note that all content is copyright Safe ICT Consultancy Ltd.

We hope you find these videos and information useful.

Please check your parentmail for details of the video and the link.
Please note that we are not allowed to publish the links on our website.

Mrs Rodriguez
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Assistant Headteacher