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Yr 11 Geography river trip

20211006 133018

By Abdullah Ahmed

Last week the two geography classes went for a trip. Initially this was planned alongside our rivers and coastline module that we did last year, but due to complications related to COVID-19 we were unable to go through with it. However, finally, the two classes that were unable to experience the trip went forth.

The outing included going to two sites on the River Wye: a site upstream and a site more downstream. This was to facilitate an investigation of how rivers change from source to mouth, or in this case, confluence, as Wye is a tributary of the Thames. We went to the different parts of the river and after donning our wellingtons plunged into the river. In our time at each site, we measured various defining features of the river such as depth, width and velocity. In addition, and most importantly, we also discussed health and safety in the river and whilst there was relatively low risk in the first place, we were told about how it was likely a bad idea to try and taste the river water. All in all, I would say it really was a good time that allowed us really see the processes that we learned in class in action.

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