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Talk the Talk

Year 8 were given the fantastic opportunity to spend a day learning valuable public speaking skills from members of the ‘Talk the Talk’ company. Working in our tutor groups the day was dedicated to teaching us the how our body language, posture, as well as the way we speak (and so much more), are of paramount importance in our daily lives. Small group activities and challenges made it all the more enjoyable, simultaneously building up our confidence when practicing the skills that we were learning. It can also be noticed how supportive, cheerful and patient class mates were, constantly motivating and pushing everyone to do their best. Finally, the skills we learnt were put to the test, when we were challenged to create our own speech with a clear structure of our choice of topic and present it to our tutor groups. The results were phenomenal! All our hard work from the day was evident and incredibly effective. I can confidently say that I found it so much easier to give my speech after the talk, in comparison to before the event – and I’m sure that everyone else can wholly agree. Overall, everyone felt that the experience was amazing and super beneficial!

by Gunveen Kaur, 8R